Four Friends | Magical Story

four friends

Four Friends | Magical Story Once upon a time there were four friends living in a small village. They were Oliver, William, Jones, Lucas. Growing up together from a young age they were close friends. …

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James the Saver | Moral story


James the Saver | Moral story Antony, he became rich in famine. He had an innocent servant named ‘James’. No matter what James does, Antony does level tapping and starts complaining to James for his …

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The Theif | Thief Stories

Thief story

The Theif | Thief Stories  Lakshmipuram, as the name implies, was a city of ‘wealth’.  In front of every bungalow on South Street in the town of Ten Streets, a variety of cars and two-wheelers …

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Snow Angel | moral story

Snow Angel | moral story There lived a woodcutter, in a ice region. He is a hard worker. He would ride his skate through the snow and cut down the trees there and carry the …

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