Two Fisherman | long story short lyrics

Two Fisherman | long story short lyrics

There were two fishermen living in a Village. They were close friends, they used to catch fishes together on weekends. It was a Saturday and they both decided to spend their day fishing at the nearby pond.

They also decided to have a feast with the fish they get. They took all the essential utensils, ingredients, cooking accessories and equipment. They reached the pond, sat in the distance and started fishing. The first fisherman caught a big fish in a few minutes.

He was so happy and placed the fish on the ice box to retain its freshness. He decided to cook the whole fish at noon. He  spent some more time and captured more fish.

He decided to make a grand meal with the fish. Also he froze a few fish to take back home. It was more than an hour they started fishing.The first fisherman approached the second fisherman and asked, “whether he needs any help?”.

long story short lyrics
Man fishing on river bank funny cartoon composition with cat stealing fish from fisherman bucket vector illustration

The second fisherman said no. And within a few minutes he got a big fish, but he put it back in the pond. The first fisherman was shocked but he remained silent.

Again he got many big fishes but he put them back on the pond. Very annoyed by his act, the first fisherman asked him, “Are you mad, why do you throw back the caught fish on the pond?”.

The second fisherman replied, “I know that they are big fishes but I don’t have a big pan to cook these big fishes. That’s why I’m returning the fish to the pond. 

I’m looking for small fishes that fit into my pan.” Hearing this the first fisherman was surprised. He advised the second fisherman to cut the big fish into pieces, fit it on the pan and cooks properly.

Many people are like this second fisherman having a great opportunity in their hands but don’t know the value of it.

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