Clever Rooster | Fox Story

clever rooster english story

Clever Rooster | Fox Story In a village there was a rooster sitting on the branch of a tree. It was waking everyone up in the morning with its screeching voice. There a fox came …

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Biggest Sacrifice Story

Biggest Sacrifice story characters

Biggest Sacrifice Story In a faraway Palace there lived a king. He always helps the poor people. He is very compassionate. He is very kind – hearted in charity and elping others. In his kingdom there lived …

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Vegetable Friends |  Vegetable Story

vegetable friends short story

Vegetable Friends |  Vegetable Story In a town, there were four vegetable friends, tomato, lady’s finger, potato and brinjal living together. Tomato was very beautiful. Its cheeks were shining brightly. The tomato was also very …

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Lifeguard Friend Story


 Lifeguard Friend Story On the side of a large lake lived four friends, a crow, a turtle, a deer, and a rat. They met every morning under a tree. One evening the deer did not come …

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