Blaming each other is wrong | short bed time stories

Blaming each other is wrong | short bed time stories

There were two friends in a village. One was a laundress and the other was a potter. Both of them were working for the king.

One day there was a fight between the two friends. They did not settle their grievances by themselves and complained about each other to the king.

The potter, thinking that the washerman should be trapped to the king, the potter looked at the king and said, “O king, our elephant is black. Give the elephant to the washerman and tell him to bleach it.”

The king was a great fool. Without thinking about anything, he called the washerman and asked him to bleach the elephant. Immediately the washerman looked at the king and said, “O king, tell the potter to make a pot big enough to boil the elephant so that we can bleach the elephant.”

short bed time stories

The king called the potter and ordered, “Make a big pot to boil the elephant in.” The potter didn’t know what to do.

Eventually the two friends met. The Potter said, “You and I got stuck in a problem by complaining about each other. It creates problems for both of us. This should not happen again.”

They said we ourselves will correct our mistakes. Both became friends as before.

Moral : It is better to live by correcting one’s own faults rather than blaming one another and ending up in trouble.

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