Donating is good | English story for kids

Donating is good | English story for kids

A king came to Mysore. He was a man who cared more about his people with full of love and grace. He once went hunting in the forest.

On the way an old woodcutter came carrying firewood on his head. When the king saw the woodcutter, he felt sorry that he was suffering like this at his old age.

Then he looked at the woodcutter and asked, “Sir, don’t you have children? You are still working hard at this age.”  He looked at the king and said, “O king, I have children.

But they are not with me now. They listened to their wives’ words and are living separate from us. Now only my wife and I are at home.

So, it has become necessary for me to suffer like this,” he said. On hearing this, the king gave the woodcutter a portion of the sandalwood forest from his country as a gift to alleviate his suffering.

He used to cut wood and was very happy. The king was very happy in donating his sandalwood forest to the wood cutter.  Because, being an old man, he would cut sandalwood trees and sell them.

Each tree fetches a price of one lakh. He thought that with that he would get all the comforts like house and land and be comfortable. 

Many years have passed. As the king was going hunting as usual, he saw a rich man coming in front of him. All the people paid him respect. The king sent guards to bring the man to his palace.

The man also obeyed the king’s order and stood before the king with great joy. The king looked at the man and asked, “Sir, who are you? Why do the people of this country pay so much respect to you?”  he asked.

Immediately the man looked at the king and said, “King, don’t you remember me?. I am the one who used to cut the firewood and you met many years ago. You gave me the sandalwood forest as a gift after seeing me suffering in poverty. I cut those trees and sold them for a good price and became very rich.”

The king was very happy. Then he looked at the man and asked, “What is the reason people respect you so much?” he asked.

“King, I have built schools and hospitals for the benefit of many poor people with the huge amount of money I got. I have given money to some to start their own business.

That’s why people respect me.” The king was happy thinking how the help he did,was producing all the virtues. He also praised the old man.

Moral : It is best to donate. As we donate to each other, there will be many benefits.  Therefore, everyone should cultivate the virtue of charity.

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