Rabbit and Frog Short Story

Rabbit and Frog Short Story

A herd of rabbits lived in a forest. Those rabbits were living happily eating all the food available in the forest like green grass.

They easily get food to eat there every day.  Suddenly summer came and the summer heat was so intense that all the green grasses were charred and it looked like a desert.

These rabbits were suffering a lot as they had no food to eat. There the hounds lurked here and there to hunt these rabbits.

Seeing the hunting dogs, these rabbits hid inside their place and were struggling to come out. They suffered a lot without food.

All the rabbits were talking together saying, “We have to do something, how long can we be hiding here.”

Then a rabbit said, “God has made us weak. All animals are strong enough to save themselves in case of trouble.

But we are weak and unable to save ourselves from any problem. Why has God made us like this?” he kept complaining.

Then another rabbit said, “I can’t bear this any longer. I’d rather die than to hide ourselves from these hounds and can’t live with hunger.

Rabbits and Frog Short Story

I will go and fall into some river.” Then another rabbit said, “Whatever we do, we must do it together.  If we live, we will live together, or we will all fall into the river together” and set off towards the river.

All those rabbits reached a river bank. There were some frogs on the river bank. All these frogs jumped into the river one after the other in fear of seeing the rabbits.

Seeing this, the rabbit group stood in surprise.  “These frogs get scared and jump into the water when they see us.

We thought we were the weakest in this world.  We talked about how we are afraid of everyone.

But some people are afraid of us. These frogs are afraid of us” they were talking to themselves.

Then a rabbit said, “Surely there must be some way for us to escape this trouble and protect ourselves. We will find out what that way is.”

“It is better to face whatever problem comes than to end our lives by falling into this river,” they said and returned to another place in search of food.

Moral : Whatever problem comes in life it should be faced with courage and no wrong decision should be taken.

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