Do not bear false witness | 10 lines story in english

Do not bear false witness | 10 lines story in english

A man named Raju lived in a town. He was endowed with good qualities and character. He had the character of showing love to the poor and the needy and had a high spirit of helping others.

He also had the guts to tell someone if they made a mistake. Therefore, the people of that town had great faith in Raju. Some people who were living comfortably in that town were jealous of Raju’s influence.

They did everything in their power to defame him. But all their efforts ended in failure. Sam and Ram, who were rich, were upset by this.

They decided to destroy the good name of Raju by doing something. Raju did no harm to those rich people. But everyone paid first respect to that good man Raju, whether it was a temple festival or other public functions. This is what they could not bear.

They built vengeance in their mind and called a man named Allan. Allan had a good reputation among the people of the town. Both Sam and Ram thought that they could use Allan to destroy Raju’s fame.

Sam and Ram planned a conspiracy together.  They called Allan to their house and talked.  “Allan, you have to do something for us” and showed him a bundle of currency.

Seeing the currency notes, Allan’s desire increased. He said to them, “I will do anything for you.” Immediately they looked at him and said this mighty man Raju pretended to be perfect and because of him we are disrespected in this town.

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He should be taught a proper lesson. They said to Allan that they need his help. And they explained their plot to him. “You must somehow keep our three lakh rupees in that good man Raju’s house.

We will report to the police and arrest him. You just give false testimony that he stole three lakh rupees. We will take care of other things,” Sam and Ram told Allan.

Allan looked at them and said that he will do as they said. Sam and Ram were happy to hear this. This conspiracy plan went as planned.  Both of them reported to the police that their money of three lakhs was stolen.

When they asked, “Are you suspecting anyone?”. They immediately took Allan and handed him over to the police station. Allan told the police officer, “There is a man in this town named Raju.

I saw with my own eyes that he stole money from their house last night and went fast. “If you interrogate him, all the facts will come to light,” he said without any second thought.

The guards also went to Raju’s house. They searched his house and the police officers seized the three lakh rupees that Allan had kept there without Raju’s knowledge from the corner of the house.

The police officers looked at Raju and asked, “How did this money come into your house?”. Raju without losing his patience said, “Sir, I don’t know anything about this money. I also don’t know how it came here. There is some conspiracy involved.”

If you observe that Allan you will know the matter. I will fully cooperate with you in the investigation,” he said. Since Raju is a well-respected man in the town, the police officers went to Allan’s house and searched him.

The police seized some rupee bonds from his house. On examination of the bundles it was found that they were all fake currency notes. Allan was imprisoned.

They added his name to the counterfeit currency note case.  Knowing this, Allan looked at the police officer and said, “Sir, I do not have such intelligence. I just lied against Raju because I was in need of money.”

God has given me a proper punishment for that. Sam and Ram both asked me to do this.  Otherwise, I have nothing to do with the fake currency note,” he told the truth.

Immediately the police officers arrested Sam and Ram and put them in jail. Through this event, people’s respect for Raju increased.

 Moral : Never bear false witness against anyone. It will come out one day and the one who gave false witness will be punished.  Therefore, everyone should live conscientiously and be good.

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