Value of time should be known | 10 lines short stories with moral in english

Value of time should be known | 10 lines short stories with moral in english

A king ruled a country in a perfect way. There were well-learned scholars in his court. One day the king looked at the scholars and asked, “O scholars, what is the most valuable thing in life?” he asked.

When he asked this question, the first scholar said, “The most valuable thing is life. Without life, we ​​cannot enjoy anything.”

The second scholar replied, “king, the most valuable thing in life is knowledge. Without knowledge, one cannot survive.”

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The third scholar got up and replied, “O king, without patience we cannot live even a moment in life. Therefore the most precious thing is patience.”

The fourth scholar said, “O king, the energy that our earth needs comes from the sun. If there is no sun, there is no life on earth. Therefore, the sun is supreme.”

The fifth scholar said, “If there is no love, man has no life and no journey. Therefore, love is the most valuable.”

Finally, a scholar stood up and said, “O king, time is the most valuable thing of all. If the time is wasted once it cannot be regained. So we should consider the time as a precious one and use it properly.”

The king praised the opinion of the sixth scholar as the best and accepted that opinion. He praised the sixth scholar who had so beautifully explained the beauty of time and gave him numerous gifts to his answer.

Not only that, he honoured him by appointing him as his minister. The other five scholars praised the action of the king.

Moral: Time is the most precious one in this world. Those who miss time cannot progress in life. So learn well in youth.

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