Have full faith in God | gods story

Have full faith in God | gods story

A small hut was built near a river bank and a milkmaid lived in it. She had some cows. She used to sell the milk to the people in the next town and lived with that small income.

There was a temple on the other bank of that river. The temple guru had asked the milkmaid to bring milk every day to anoint the god they worship.

The milkmaid also came to the other side of the river in a boat and gave the milk to the Guru.  As the milkmaid always chanted the name of the Lord, she had full faith in God.

The belief that the Lord would save her in any condition kept her active. Temple Guru did not have perfect devotion to God. He used to anoint the Lord with milk for some duty.

But he was good at giving advice to others.  Once the boat driver was late so she could not bring the milk to the temple guru on time.

As she did not bring the milk on time, the temple guru got angry with her and asked, “Why are you late?” in anger.  To which the milkmaid said, “The boatman came late and took the boat, so she was late.”

To that, the temple guru mockingly said, “Girl, if you have full faith in the Lord and recite His holy name, you can do many wonders and miracles. In that case, couldn’t you even cross this small river.”

From the next day, the milk was available on time to the guru.  Even when the river was in flood, only the milkmaid came at the appointed time and gave milk.

This surprised the temple guru. He looked at the milkmaid and said, “Girl, even when the river is in full flood, you bring the milk to anoint the god at the appointed time, how is this possible?” he asked.

To which the girl said, “Guru, as you have said, I am crossing the river with full faith in the Lord and chanting His name.”

He thought that the girl was taking the Guru’s words seriously, what he had said as a joke, and he followed the girl, suspecting whether she was telling the truth.

“Show me how you cross the river,” he said.  The milkmaid took him to the river bank. With full faith in the Lord, she walked over the river chanting the Lord’s holy name.

The temple guru wanted to do the same and without full faith in the Lord, he started to walk over the river simply chanting the name of the Lord with his mouth.

That’s when he sank into the water. The milkmaid immediately came and saved him and took him to the shore. She looked at the temple guru and said, “There is no use of uttering the name of the Lord without full faith in the Lord.” The temple priests bowed their heads.

Moral : If we chant His holy name with full faith, God will save us in any difficult situation.  Therefore, we should put our full trust in God.

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