Deceiver will be deceived | story wealth

Deceiver will be deceived | story wealth

A rich man lived in a town. Whenever he goes to the market, he buys some food items. He comes home and sits quietly and relishes it.

He had a servant. He would ask and eat a little of whatever the rich man brought from the market.

As usual, the rich man went to the market one day and bought a cup of curd for himself to eat.  This time, he didn’t give even a little bit of this curd to the servant, he decided  to eat the whole thing himself. He entered the house thinking that the only way was to deceive the servant.

The servant saw the owner entering the home. He asked his owner “Sir, what is in the cup?”. The owner immediately said, “I have bought lime. If you eat this, your stomach will burn, you will get pain in your stomach and you will die immediately.

So, do not touch this for any reason. Go and plough the garden for the rest of the day.” The servant clearly understood that his owner was deceiving him.

He thought to teach him a proper lesson. Not only that, he knew that the cup was full of curd because of its smell. The owner looked at the servant and said, “Finish the work that I have told you.”

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The servant drove the cows and came home immediately. The owner immediately asked him, “Have you finished the work I told you?”.

Immediately the servant looked at his owner and said, “Sir, I couldn’t do any work. If one cow is ready, another cow runs away. How can I plough the garden?”

The angry owner immediately slapped him on the back saying, “Are you playing games?,I just ordered you to do the work”. That’s all the servant looked at the owner and said, “Sir, no one has beaten me till this day. You have beaten me. Now there is no use for me to live.”

“I will give up my life by drinking that lime,” he said and ran into the kitchen. “No, don’t drink it,” said the owner, shouting behind him. By then, the servant had drunk all the curd in the cup.

The owner thought in his mind, “Thinking to deceive the servant, I have deceived myself.”

Moral : He who tries to deceive others will end up being deceived himself. So don’t cheat anyone.

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