Flower Vases Of Angry King Story in English 

  Flower Vases Of Angry King Story in English

Fredrick the king was very fond of his flower vases. He had collected many beautiful flower vases in his palace.

He hired a young man to protect and clean it all. Apart from that, he had also said that he would be punished if any damage was caused to those vases.

broken flower vases moralstory

One day while the young man was cleaning the vases with a cloth, suddenly his hand slipped and the vase fell down and broke into pieces.

Hearing the sound, the king immediately rushed to the spot. Immediately he said to the young man, “What have you done? You have broken my precious thing like this, you must be punished for this, hang him,” he shouted furiously.

Immediately the young man said to the king, “Please forgive me. My hand slipped and the vase fell down” he apologized. But the king did not listen to him.

The king asked the young man “Tell me what is your last wish.” The young man said, “I have only one request that before I die I want to see all the vases in this Palace”. The king also asked his soldiers to bring all the vases immediately.

King and servant moralstory

The soldiers brought all the vases. The king told the young man, “Look at all the vases carefully, you will never get this chance again.”

The young man took all the vases and broke them on the floor. In anger, the king asked, “Young man.. what are you doing?” To which the young man replied, “I have saved another person’s life.”

The king asked, “What are you saying?”. He said, “Anyway, after hanging me, you will arrange for someone else to look at the vases, and if any vase falls from his hand and breaks, you are going to hang him again.” So the young man said, “I have saved someone’s life.”

Hearing this, the king was surprised and said, “I liked your answer very much, I have forgiven you and I am going to give you an important position in my Palace.”

Justice :

Any decision taken in anger will be wrong.

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