Fox Cub And lion story

Fox Cub And lion story

A lion lived happily with his family in a forest. It had a wife and two cubs. The family lived there without any worries.

One day that male lion went roaming outside in search of food. The lion sniffed and left, and then there was a fox cub. The fox was trembling with fear.

Its eyes were closed. The lion took the fox cub in his mouth and carried it home. The lioness looked at the fox cub and said, “Now we have three children and we are going to raise all three of us.”

One day Father Lion and Mother Lion went outside in search of food. Then these three cubs were playing and came out of the cave. Then a big elephant came that way. After seeing the elephant, the two lion cubs started to growl aggressively and started chasing the elephant.


But the fox cub fled in fear and hid in the cave. When the elephant was gone, the little fox inside the cave fell head over heels in shame and came out.

That night the two lion cubs said to their mother, “Mother, an elephant came today and we two chased the elephant away. But the fox was afraid and hid in the cave.” Upon hearing this, the fox began to cry out in shame.

The fox said, “My habits are very different from yours,I can not behave like you, so it is good that I have to be with my family.” The lion said, “Well, don’t worry, we’ll leave you with your family.”

The next day the lions and the fox cub went into the forest in search of the fox’s family. After going a little further they saw the family of the fox cub. Those lions gave the fox cub to its family. The little fox cub was very happy. 


It is good to be friends with friends like us.

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