Greatful Tiger | Short Story With Moral

Greatful Tiger | Short Story With Moral 

Once upon a time there lived a tiger and a man. They are both very close friends. But how did these two become friends ..?  That’s a great story.

Long ago, this tiger lived in the forest. One day it went on roaring heavily and unknowingly it put it’s foot on a thorn and it was very much shouting with the pain of the thorn piercing.

It tried to pick up that thorn by itself.  But the tiger could not pick up that thorn. It was screaming that, “I couldn’t bear the pain”. Then the man was coming that way. This heavy noise fell on his ear.

“What noise is this?,It looks like an animal is throbbing with pain.”He thought. 

He looked at the tiger and said,” Oh my God! It’s a tiger “. Despite the fear, the man saw the pain of the tiger and offered to help the tiger. He walked slowly and went near it and took the thorn from the tiger’s leg.  The tiger gratefully licked the man’s face. And went through it’s way without doing any harm to the man.

A few days later the robbers came to the forest and caught the animals and took them to the village and locked them in a cage. There was a tiger in it. The people outside shouted, “It’s tempting to see a tiger and a man fighting,” and they threw a man into the cage where the tiger was.

The tiger was ready to attack the man. But suddenly it stopped. He was the same man who helped the tiger that day. The strong tiger went near the man and licked his face and he too hugged the tiger lovingly.

The people who were watching this realized they were wrong. Both were immediately released from the cage.  From that day on, the tiger and the man became very close friends.

 Justice: Any good deed will be rewarded accordingly one day.

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