Axe And The Woodcutter Story

Axe And The Woodcutter Story

Once upon a time there lived an honest woodcutter in a forest, far from the village.

He lived in a small house and worked hard every day. Even though he was poor with no money to eat, he was honest. 

One day he went to cut down a tree on the forest. He walked the whole distance and was looking to cut down a nice tree.

When he saw a perfect tree, he began to cut it down. After a while while the tree was being cut down the axe he was holding slipped and fell into the river on the side.

The woodcutter saw this and began to cry. “It simply came to his notice then. Now I lost it too. How can I make money now?”. While he was crying he heard a noise from the side.

Axe And The Woodcutter Story river

When he looked back a woman came out of the river. “I am the goddess of this river. While I was sleeping an axe came and fell on my side. I came to see where it came from.

That’s when I saw that you were crying about,” the goddess asked. The woodcutter wiped his eyes and said, “Goddess, the axe that fell into the water is mine. I am a poor man. I used to cut down some trees and make money from it.

Now that my axe has fallen into the river. I can no longer make money. I would be very grateful if you could return my axe to me.”

When the goddess heard this, she went into the water and brought out a large golden axe. The goddess gave the golden axe to the woodcutter. He said, “It’s not mine.” The goddess went into the water again and went to look for the woodcutter’s axe. 

This time she brought a large silver axe. The woodcutter said, “This is not mine either.” This time he was so sad that he regretted never getting his axe back.

Axe And The Woodcutter Story angle

The goddess saw the honesty of the woodcutter and went back into the water and took out an iron axe and came out. The woodcutter was glad to see the axe. She returned his axe to him.

He thanked the goddess. The goddess praised the woodcutter’s honesty and gave him a gold axe and a silver axe as a gift.

The woodcutter took the three axes and happily returned to his home.

Justice :

No matter what you do, doing it honestly will definitely pay off.

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