Be Humble | Moral Stories With Pictures

Be Humble | Moral Stories With Pictures

Ashoka was the greatest king of the Mauryan dynasty. The Kalinga War was the last war he fought. After seeing the sufferings of the soldiers in that war, he changed his mind, decided not to fight anymore and so he focused on the welfare of the country and emerged as a leader.

He was proud to involve his daughter and son in spreading Buddhism throughout the world.

Ashoka was the owner of many such glories. One day he was going with his advisers. Then a sage came in front of him.

When King Ashoka saw the sage, he ran towards the sage, bent his head down and touched the feet of the sage for blessing.  This act caused great embarrassment to the minister who was nearby.

The minister looked at Ashoka and said, “King, why should you bend your head down?, Is it great value and honour, to fall at the feet of an ordinary sage?” he asked.

King Ashoka did not reply and left with a slight smile.

Then one day he called the minister and said, “Minister, I want three heads, a goat’s head, a tiger’s head, and a man’s head.”

The minister took the three heads with great difficulty and came to the king.

When Ashoka saw them, he said, “Very good. Now take these three heads and sell them in the market.”

A man bought a goat’s head at the best price in the market and went away.

Someone bought the tiger head and took it away, thinking that he could keep it in his house.

No one came forward to buy the human head in that market.

The minister came back to the king and said, “King, the people bought the goat’s head and the tiger’s head, but no one came forward to buy the human head.”

Then the king looked at the minister and said, “Minister, sell the human head for free.”

“Okay”, said the minister and left. No one came forward to buy the human head even for free.

Again the minister met the king.

Now Ashoka looked at the minister and said, “Minister, the same applies to my head as an emperor. This human head has value only as long as it lives. After life, its value also disappears.

Therefore, while the value is still there, it is better to bow down at the feet of the elders and get that sanctity. That is humility. This humility is for everyone. That’s what “I want it,” he said.

Moral : One must bow down to elders.  Everyone likes humble people.

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