Beauty does not help in danger | Deer Hunting Stories

Beauty does not help in danger | Deer Hunting Stories

A male deer was wandering in the forest and became thirsty. It came near a pond in search of water. As it was very thirsty, it drank stomach full of water.

Then he saw his image in the water. It saw in the water the image of its horns spread like branches above its head. ‘How beautiful they are! ‘These horns are the reason why I am the most beautiful animal in the world,’ he said to himself.

As said, the deer stooped down and looked at his thin legs; Very disappointed. ‘No, these legs make me unattractive. I can’t be the most beautiful animal in the world,’ he lamented.

A hungry tiger stood behind the trees silently watching the deer. It was moving very slowly towards the deer. The tall grasses rustled. The deer, absorbed in its thoughts about beauty, did not notice the approach of the tiger.

The tiger jumped to catch the deer. The startled deer started running very fast. Escaped from the tiger and ran at high speed. The tiger came chasing far behind.

Deer Hunting Stories

By the time the tiger decided that he could not catch the deer in any further chase, the deer’s horns got caught in a tree branch. The deer tried hard to free itself from the tree branch. But the deer could not free the horns.

“I was ashamed that my legs are not beautiful. They helped me to escape. I was proud of my horns. But they are going to be the cause of my death,” said the deer sadly.

In the meantime, the tiger, approaching the deer, pounced on it and killed it.

Moral of Deer Hunting Stories: Beauty doesn’t stay forever.

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