Biggest Sacrifice Story

Biggest Sacrifice Story

In a faraway Palace there lived a king. He always helps the poor people. He is very compassionate. He is very kind – hearted in charity and elping others.

In his kingdom there lived a poor farmer. His daughter also reached marriageable age. But the farmer did not have enough money to marry her off.

Then he said to his daughter, “I am going to the King and ask him help for your marriage.”  The next day the poor farmer left to meet the King.

On the way to meet the King he was very tired. He was very hungry so he sat under a tree. There, while he was sitting down to eat the chapati that he had in his bag, a puppy was so hungry that it came forward and kept wagging its tail.

hungry puppy and farmer Sacrifice Story

Being compassionate, he gave the chapati to the puppy to eat. He started his journey again. He reached the King’s palace. He went to the King and wished him, “Hello King, I am a very poor farmer and I don’t have enough money for my daughter’s marriage, so I need you to help me.”

 Immediately the King said, “Okay, I will help you. But, tell me about the help you have done to others in your lifetime” he asked.

To which he said, “I am a poor farmer, how can I help others”. Then suddenly he remembered feeding a puppy. He told the King, “On my way, a puppy was hungry, and I gave it the food I had.”

king and farmer Sacrifice Story

The king praised the farmer’s action and said, “Very good, you have fed that puppy even when you were hungry. This is a very big thing.” He conducted the wedding of the farmer’s daughter with full attention.

Justice Of Biggest Sacrifice Story:

Good will surely happen to those who do good.

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