The Bird And Monkey | English Stories to Read

The Bird And Monkey | English Stories to Read 

A large tree was inhabited by a pair of birds. They both were prudent and worked well. They both built a beautiful, sturdy nest before winter came. So they were both very happy.

One day when it was raining heavily, a monkey came and hid in a tree where these birds lived. The monkey was soaking wet in the rain and was trembling. The female sparrow who saw it asked, “Sir why are you soaking wet like this, why didn’t you go to your house?”

The monkey said, “I have no home. I will stay in all the trees alternately.” Upon hearing this, the monkey was criticised by the female bird as “a lazy monkey who does not collect for the future.” The monkey became very angry and told the bird to be quiet.

But the bird kept saying, “I’m building such a big nest with my small beak, but you can not build even a house with both hands.” The monkey got very angry.

The monkey angrily tore the bird’s nest with his hands. The bird was very angry but could not do anything and remained silent. The two birds began to soak in the rain. The female bird regretted that the reason for this was the sermon she had given where it was not needed.


It is good to give advice only to those who listen.

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