Buffalo and mischievous monkey | Buffalo Story

Buffalo and mischievous monkey | Buffalo Story

Many animals lived together in a forest. There was also a buffalo living there, which was too big to look at. So, seeing that buffalo, all the other animals got scared. But this buffalo was so gentle that it had never hurt anyone.

A monkey lived there in a tree in that forest.  The monkey was always teasing and disturbing this buffalo. A sparrow saw this and asked the buffalo, “the  monkey is bothering you so much and if you are silent like this without doing anything in return, the monkey will be showing its work again and again, so do something.”

But the buffalo said, “I can’t hurt anyone, the monkey will regret its mistake one day.”  After a few days this buffalo was grazing in the forest. Then it was very happy to see its brother coming. The two brothers look alike.

angry buffalo english story

Then this buffalo said, “Brother you rest here and I will bring you something to eat” and went away. Then this monkey came there and started disturbing the buffalo who was resting there.

The monkey did not know that it was another buffalo. It jumped on top of it and grabbed its tail and kept laughing saying you are a fool you can’t do anything to me. Then the buffalo got very angry.  Brother buffalo was not as gentle as his younger brother, who is very angry.

monkey english story

So the other buffalo said to the monkey, “how dare you to call me a fool,” he beat the monkey with his tail and hit him with his horn. The monkey also ran throbbing in pain. Only then did it realise its mistake. After that the monkey stopped playing pranks on other animals. It began to be kind to everyone.

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