Bull And Gold coin | Stories About Helping Others For Kids

Bull and Gold coin | Stories About Helping Others For Kids

An old grandmother lived in a town. The grandmother was also raising a small calf. She nurtured that calf with great affection and love. The calf also became very fond of this grandmother.

After a few days the calf grew into a big bull. The grandmother was also old and she could not go to any work. She suffered daily, and sometimes she didn’t have anything to eat. One day this bull saw the grandmother lamenting that she had no money to buy groceries to prepare food.

This bull thought in his mind, “Grandma has taken good care of me from my childhood till now, now I can’t see her suffering, I have to help her as much as I can.”

The bull was going to the market looking for some work. On the way, a farmer was struggling to carry all his vegetables to the market. Then the bull said to him, “I can carry all these bundles of vegetables to the market. I need money, so you should pay me according to my work.”

The farmer also agreed. The bull carried all those bundles to the market. The farmer was also happy. He gave the bull a bag full of gold coins. The bull also took the gold coins and happily returned to his grandmother.

Grandma saw this and asked, “how did you get all these gold coins?”. The bull told her everything that had happened. The grandmother was very happy and the bull said to the grandmother, “You have taken good care of me since childhood, now if you have a problem I will definitely help you”.

It said, “you don’t need to do work anymore. I will work and earn you money”. The grandmother hugged the bull with happy tears.

 Moral: Never forget the help given in needed time . 

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