Camel and fox | short story

Camel and fox | short story

Once there lived a camel and a fox. They were very close friends. They lived on a beautiful river bank. On the opposite bank of the river there was a village and a sugarcane plantation.  One day the fox had an idea.

 He said, “Hey Camel, I have heard that there is sugarcane in that garden. Can we cross the river tonight and go to the garden?”. “If they see us, Won’t the people of that village beat us?“. asked the camel anxiously.

“Don’t worry, you help me and I will help you,” said the fox excitedly. The camel had no interest in it, but agreed to it.

That night the camel crossed the river carrying the fox on its back.  They went to the sugarcane field and started eating delicious sugarcane.  They ate a lot and their stomachs were full.

“I’m so happy, I love singing when I’m happy,” said the fox. The fox began to howl loudly before the camel could answer. The camel told the fox not to make noise. But the fox kept on shouting.

Hearing this the villagers ran out.  The camel was so frightened that it looked around and saw the fox nowhere. The fox went and hid behind the bush.

The villagers chased the camel away with sticks and beat it severely. The fox came out after all the villagers had left and teased, “Ha ha ha, are you all right? Look at yourself, you can’t hide anywhere.”

“Look, I will teach you a lesson, selfish fox,” murmured the camel.  The camel and fox began to cross the river. When they came to the center of the river, the camel stopped moving.

The camel said, “As you love singing when you are happy, I love floating in water in the middle of the river,” The fox begged not to do that as it didn’t know how to swim but the camel started to float on water and the fox struggled to swim. 

 Justice: Doing evil results evil

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