Clever Goat Story With Moral

Clever Goat Story With Moral

 In one village there was a beautiful little goat named Lenny. It had two new horns. Lenny was so proud thinking of its horns.

Lenny went to everyone and kept on saying, “Look here I have two very beautiful horns growing.” One day the farmer gathered all his goats and went to the pasture.

All the goats were grazing there.  But Lenny was the only one there showing his horns to the squirrel and the rabbit.

The scene was witnessed by a fox who was playing the flute there. The fox said, “The little goat is so beautiful to look at, I just have to taste him today.”

The fox was planning to catch and eat the little goat somehow. After a while the farmer took all his goats back to his house.

All the goats followed him. But only Lenny was eager to show his horn to the other animals. When Lenny came back to pasture, the farmer had taken all the goats. 

The fox saw Lenny standing alone and came in front of him and said, “Your horns are so beautiful to look at. If you come with me I will show your beautiful horns to other animals.”

Lenny understood the fox’s trick. So Lenny said to the fox, “I know your trick very well. You are calling me to kill and taste. I’m sure to come with you, but before that you have to play me a tune on your flute.”

The fox began to play music. The fox said to Lenny, “You sing a song about something and I will play music too.” As the fox began to play, Lenny shouted, “Save, save!”

The farmer who heard Lenny’s voice immediately ran and saw him.  The fox saw the farmer and ran away in fear, saying, “This farmer will beat me if I stay here anymore.”

That’s when Lenny learned a lesson.  He should never go anywhere alone anymore, he should listen to his boss and go behind him. He decided to travel with the other goats.

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