Clever Rooster | Fox Story

Clever Rooster | Fox Story

In a village there was a rooster sitting on the branch of a tree. It was waking everyone up in the morning with its screeching voice. There a fox came near the tree and it planned to kill and eat the rooster so it asked the rooster, “Hello, friend, how are you?”.

When the rooster looked down, the fox was standing near the tree. Then the rooster thought, “I have to be careful with him, this cunning fox has killed and eaten many of my friends. So I have to protect myself.”

The rooster ignored the fox. But the fox tried to talk to the rooster again. The fox said to the rooster, “I have come to tell you something good. The king of our jungle, the lion, has given a new order”.

The rooster didn’t believe what the fox said but was curious to know what it was all about. Then the rooster asked the fox, “Well, what order has the Lion King issued?”. The fox said, “All of us in this forest should be treated equal. We should all be friends without any quarrels and differences”. This is the command of king lion, said the fox.

The rooster asked, “Is it true?” And the fox said, “Yes, it is true.” Besides that, the king lion has arranged food for us near his cave today. So let’s go together and have our food and come back, said the fox.

Then he heard the sound of dogs barking. When he heard that sound, fear appeared on the fox’s face. Seeing that, the rooster understood that the fox is afraid of dogs. Dogs always chase away foxes when they see them. So the fox is afraid of the dogs.

The fox said to the rooster, “My friend, you are in the branch of the tree. Is there any dog ​​nearby?”. When the rooster looked around, there was no dog. But the rooster thought to show fear to the fox and said, “A group of dogs are running here.”

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Hearing this, the fox said, “Then it is not right for me to stay here anymore” and started running away in fear. The fox got scared and ran away very fast. Then the rooster kept laughing at the fox running away in fear.

Justice For Fox Story:

If we think evil to others, it can come as evil to us.

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