Consequences should be faced | Animal Story

Consequences should be faced | Animal Story

It was a cold winter’s morning. All the places looked bright and white because of the snow. All the birds and animals were sleeping in their homes. They did not get any food to eat and were hungry. And as it was so cold outside that they settled inside.

But one animal among them couldn’t sleep. It is a grasshopper. It is a noisy insect. All the creatures were sleeping, but the grasshopper couldn’t. It wanted to see what was going on outside.

When he came out he saw that the whole forest was white. The forest was so beautiful to see that it was like the grasshopper wanted to sing. It jumped from one place to another and reached a tree. It started singing loudly. He rubbed his legs together to the rhythm of the song. It was having fun.

Animal Story

An owl lived in a nest at the base of that tree.  I slept for so many days because it was very cold. Owl woke up hearing the loud song of the grasshopper. “Who is this loud-singing creature, disturbing my winter sleep?”  asked the owl to himself.

The owl peeked out from the nest with its head out. The grasshopper was singing happily while sitting on a branch of the tree. The owl was very angry with the grasshopper for disturbing his sleep. As it was suddenly awakened one winter morning it became very hungry.

The owl silently approached the singing grasshopper. The owl caught that stupid grasshopper and ate it.

Returning to the nest, the owl slept peacefully until the end of winter. Like all animals, the grasshopper would not have lost its life unnecessarily if it had remained in its habitat throughout the winter.

 Moral: Unwise speed leads to accidents.

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