The Crow And The Swan | short moral story in english

The Crow And The Swan | short moral story in english

The swan lived near a pond. There was a crow that lived in a tree next to it. The swan will swim in the pool for hours.

The crow was always sad to see her color. The crow was jealous when she saw the color of the swan. One day the crow looked at the color of the swan and wished, “I want the same color.”

The crow wondered, “How come only this swan is so beautiful and white?”. She thought, “Maybe the bird is white because it’s always in the water and has bathed many times.”

The crow decided, “I need to bathe as many times as I can, from now on.”  She wished she could become beautiful and white by doing so. With that desire the crow began her training to become beautiful.

The swan and the other birds waited to see what was going to happen to the crow. There was no change in the crow’s appearance even after repeated bathing. Yet the crow was not ready to give up her attempt. The crow bathed several times a day.

Finally one day the crow fell ill with fever. It was very difficult to get well from it. Only then did the crow realize it’s mistake. She gave up her attempt and thought, “I have to accept the way I am” . After that change in mind, the crow became the happy bird and enjoyed its beauty.


We should be happy by what we are.

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