Deer and jackal | Animal stories for bedtime

Deer and jackal | Animal stories for bedtime

Deer and a jackal were close friends. They lived in a dense forest. They both were together wherever they went. One day they both wandered here and there in search of food. After walking for a long distance, they both crossed the forest and reached the village.

Then they were happy to see beautiful green fields there. There were many crabs in that field. Then the jackal said to the deer, “My friend, you go and graze the grass, and I will go and catch crabs.” Both went on their separate ways.

The jackal started catching crabs and this deer also started grazing there. The deer walked and grazed the grass for a short distance.  Then this deer was caught in a net spread by a hunter. This deer started shouting loudly, “Friend…. I am trapped in the net, come and save me from this”.

Hearing this, the jackal said, “This is the voice of my friend. What has happened to him?”.  The Jackal ran towards it. Then the jackal saw the deer caught in the net and thought, “By seeing this deer caught in the net, the hunter who spread this net must be somewhere nearby. So I have to escape from here somehow, I cannot save the deer.”

The deer asked the jackal, “My friend, somehow tear this net with your sharp tooth and save me from this.” But the jackal said, “My friend, I have eaten crabs and my tooth is very sore, and I certainly cannot save you from this,” and ran away.

Deer was very shocked to see this. It thought,“I was thinking of Jackal as my close friend. But he cheated me like this”. Deer was saddened to think that he could not be saved from the danger. Deer saw the hunter coming with a stick in his hand, and the deer thought to himself, “Surely this hunter is going to kill me.”

The deer thought that somehow, “I have to escape from this”, so the deer in the net pretended to be dead. The hunter arrived with a stick in his hand. When the hunter came near, he saw the deer lying there and thought, “This deer is dead, so there is no need to kill it anymore,” and he put down the stick in his hand.

hunter and deer english story

He dropped the stick down and took the net, immediately after taking the net, the deer ran away from there. All this was watched by the jackal hiding behind the tree. The deer started running towards the jackal’s direction. This hunter also came chasing the deer. After running for a short distance, the hunter threw his stick at the deer.

But when the jackal suddenly came out from hiding, the stick fell on the jackal. Immediately the hunter came and took the jackal with a rope. The deer escaped and survived.

Moral: Don’t trust anyone easily

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