Firefly and Crow | crow story

Firefly and Crow | Crow Story

Once upon a time, there lived a firefly in the forest. It was dancing and singing happily here and there.

One day a crow was watching the firefly coming. As soon as the firefly came near it opened its mouth and tried to eat it.

The firefly escaped from the crow. It said to the crow, “Friend! Listen to me for a minute.” The crow also said, “Say, what.”

And the firefly said, ” how can you satisfy your hunger by eating only me? Come with me, I will show you a place where there are many insects like me so that you can satisfy your hunger.”

The greedy crow said to the firefly, “Okay, take me, I’m coming with you.” The firefly took the crow to a place. There were some people who were keeping themselves warm with the fire there. After a while, the men left.

crow story

Some fire embers were coming out from the fire that was burning there. The firefly showed the fire traps to the crow and said, “Have you seen how many fireflies like me are flying here?”. The greedy crow went and ate the fire traps without a second thought.

After eating those fire traps, the crow’s mouth immediately started burning. Immediately the crow said, “What insect is this? If I eat it, my mouth burns like this, I don’t want any of this insect” and the crow flew away from there.

Moral: Mental strength is greater than physical strength.

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