The cunning fox and the foolish crabs | Imagination Story in English

The cunning fox and the foolish crabs | Imagination Story in English

A fox was sitting on the bank of a river and was crying. Hearing the sound of the fox crying, all the crabs came to the fox and asked, “Why are you crying alone like this?”, to which the fox said, “All my friends have chased me away alone from my group, I don’t know where to go, that’s why I am crying.”

Then the crabs asked, “Why did your friends chase you away?”.  To which the fox said, “Because I thought of helping you from them.” The crabs asked help..! for us…What are you saying?

To which the fox said, “Yes, my friends planned to catch and eat you all. I told them, no, we must not harm anyone.”  So all my friends got angry and chased me away.

All the crabs believed this fox’s cunning talk and said don’t worry we are here as your friends. The crabs started listening to everything this fox was saying. One day the fox told the crabs that we should all go somewhere together.

Imagination Story in English

These crabs also thought that the fox was their friend and went out with the fox. The fox went ahead, all these crabs followed the fox. After going some distance this fox suddenly started howling. These crabs didn’t understand why the fox howled.

But after a while, suddenly lots of foxes came running. These crabs did not know what to do and everything started running in every direction. But a pack of jackals that came there caught and ate many of these crabs.  Somehow only a few crabs escaped and went to their place.

Only then did the crabs realise that the fox had lied. The crabs regretted that they had lost their friends to the fox’s evil words and tricks.

Justice: Do not make friends with evil people.

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