Fox and Tiger Story For Kids

Fox and Tiger Story For Kids

There were many animals living in a dense forest. All the animals living there were very scared when they saw the tiger. When they saw a tiger coming in the distance, all of them would run away in fear. One day when the tiger was coming, a fox was watching the other animals running away in fear of the tiger.

The fox was jealous of the tiger, “All these animals are afraid of the tiger and used to run away seeing the tiger, but no one is afraid of me” and the fox was thinking that he should do something.

That’s why it decided that if he became like a tiger, everyone would surely be afraid of him, so the fox started his walk towards the blacksmith. The fox went to the blacksmith and said, “I want to appear like a tiger, so draw a line on me like the tiger has on its body.” The blacksmith also fired the iron rod, heated it and placed the rod on the fox.

Tiger Story For Kids

As soon as the first heat was applied, the fox started screaming in pain. The fox said to the blacksmith, “I want to look like a tiger but not to have such pain, do something else.” And the blacksmith said, “If you want to appear like a tiger without pain, go to a painter and paint over yourself.”

The fox agreed and went to the painter. The fox said to the painter “I want to look like a tiger so paint me”. He said yes and painted the fox like a tiger.

The fox looked like a tiger. This fox laughed and went into the forest and started howling, “From now on everyone will surely be afraid of me” the fox thought.  Although it was painted like a tiger, its voice was like that of a fox. It could not make a sound like a tiger.

Hearing this sound, all the other animals came running. The other animals were surprised to see the fox. But soon it started raining terribly.  All the paintings on the fox got wet in that rain and disappeared. The fox returned to his old condition. Seeing this, all the other animals laughed derisively.

Justice: We are better on being ourselves.

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