The Cunning Fox Who Deceived The Lion | Moral Short Story in English

The Cunning Fox Who Deceived The Lion | Moral Short Story in English

Once upon a time there was an old lion in the forest. As he got older he decided to keep an animal to help him. The old lion king gave a ministerial post to a fox.

Although the fox did not like it, he could not deny the position given to him by the king of the forest. The lion told the fox what the minister’s responsibility was “I can not wander in search of prey because I am old, so you must bring me prey every day.”

The fox had no choice but to go into the forest and wander in search of the prey for Lion. Then when he saw a donkey there, the fox had an idea.  The fox wanted to take the donkey to the lion so it said, “The lion king of the forest has a ministerial post and I will buy it for you.”

moral short story in english

The lion, who was very hungry, roared when he saw the donkey and jumped on top of the donkey and killed it. The fox thought, “I tricked this donkey with my ingenuity and brought it to the lion, so I should have a good portion of it to eat.”

When the lion sat down to eat, the fox came up with an idea, “King, you are very tired, so it is better to take a bath before eating.” The lion also went to take a bath saying that it was ok. The fox used this opportunity to eat the donkey’s brain.

After bathing the lion came and sat down to eat the donkey. Then he asked the fox about it because he could not see the donkey’s brain.  The wise fox asked, “Ha ha ha, if the donkey had a brain, it wouldn’t have come here believing what I said that the lion has a ministerial post.”

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