Greed Is A Great Loss Story

Greed Is A Great Loss Story

John, a trader, lived in a village. He wished to go to the neighbouring village for a few days and do business. So he took a scale with his belongings and left. Very tired after going some distance.

That scale was too heavy. That scale was given to him as a gift by his grandfather. So unable to carry it, he decided to keep the scale in his friend Sam’s house.

John went to his friend Sam and gave him the scale and said, “Keep it with you and I will get it back in a few days”.

 Sam, who saw the scale, decided, “As it is a very expensive object, I can keep it along with me.”  A few days later, John came to Sam’s house and asked for his scale, but Sam said, “Sorry John, a rat has eaten your scale. That rat has no sense.”

John was very upset when he heard that. He said to Sam, “It’s okay Sam, can you send your son along with me. I have brought some gifts from the village and I will give it to him”. Sam agreed and sent his son along with John. 

Sam’s son did not return home for a long time. Sam thought, “Why is my son late?  Does it take this much time to buy a gift item?”.  Sam decided to go to John’s home. He went to John and asked, “John , where is my boy?”

John said, ” Sorry to say Sam, On the way a hawk took your son and flew away”.  “What? , how can a little hawk lift my boy?” Sam was furious. There was a great fight between John and Sam.

Their fight came before the people in Panchayat. Then the village panchayat leader asked, “What’s the matter?”. Sam replied, “John took my son to his home and now he is saying that a hawk took my son and flew away”. How can a ten-year-old boy be  lifted by a little hawk?”  asked Sam.

John replied, “Sam says that a rat ate my iron scale. When a rat eats an iron scale, can’t a hawk pick up a boy? ”

The leader of the panchayat said that you both are fighting like small kids.  The village headman asked Sam, “Where is the scale of John?”  Sam said, “I do not know, I will search for it in my home.”

When John was asked where the boy was, he said, “When my scale reaches my hand, I will return his son to him.”  Sam went home and took John’s scales and returned it to him. John also handed over Sam’s son. 


Greed is a great loss.

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