Greedy balloon | Newborn bedtime stories

Greedy balloon | Newborn bedtime stories

There was a balloon seller in town. He used to blow up different kinds of balloons and sell them in the village. He did that as his profession.

He has the power to hear balloons talking to each other. He has many different balloons.  One day he was blowing up balloons from home, inflated them and tied them to his cart.

Then suddenly a balloon started talking to him.  The merchant was surprised to hear that.  “What is this? I thought I could only hear those balloons talking to themselves, and now a balloon is talking to me,” he thought.  The balloon said to the merchant, “I want to be more beautiful than other balloons. So fill me with more air and make me bigger.”

And the merchant said, “If I blow you up any more, you’ll explode, so I can’t blow you up any more.” But the balloon again politely asked him, “Please blow me up a little.”

The balloon seller said yes and started filling the balloon with air. That balloon turned out to be bigger and more beautiful than all the other balloons. The big balloon said to the other balloons mockingly, “I’m bigger and prettier than all of you. So when the balloon seller takes us to the village today, all the children will be asking for me.”

Hearing this, the balloon seller said, “It was only because you asked me politely that I inflated you again and made you bigger. You shouldn’t be boastful like that.” Then the balloon seller tied the balloons to his cart and went to the village to sell the balloons.

Newborn bedtime stories

He went to the village and said, “Balloons….Balloons….! I have very beautiful balloons. Come and run, children.”  Then all the children who were playing there ran to buy balloons.

All those kids loved that big balloon. All the children asked for the big balloon. Then the big balloon said to the other balloons, “Already I told you that everyone likes me” and laughed. Then a boy bought the big balloon and took it away.

Other children bought other balloons and started playing with them. The boy was playing with this big balloon when suddenly the balloon got stuck on a small tree branch and burst.  The balloon seller was watching all this.

Then he thought to himself, “How boastfully this balloon was talking about itself until a little while ago, and now it bursted like this while hitting on a small branch.

Moral: Do not be overly boastful.

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