Horse And The Donkey Moral story

Horse And The Donkey Moral story

Once upon a time in a village, there was a man who owned a farm. He had a horse and a donkey. The horse always gets good food to eat. But the donkey did not receive such care and food from the owner. So the donkey was always worried.

The donkey thought, “I work well, but they do not take good care of me, but they take good care of the horse that is not working.” Days passed and one day there was war in the country. The owner took his horse and went to war.

Several days later the horse and master returned home. On the way home the horse had a strong blow to the leg. It was so sinful for the donkey to see the horse whose body was sore from injury.


The donkey understood that he had been thinking wrongly about the treat the horse had received so far. The donkey went to the horse and said, “Friend, I am jealous of the treat you have received to this day. I have misunderstood you, please forgive me.”

From that day the donkey became accustomed to the horse. They two became good friends. Not only that, the donkey did not regret that it was not properly cared for by the owner .


We must be content with what we have.

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