Lion And The Cunning Rabbit Short Stories

Lion And The Cunning Rabbit Short Stories

Once upon a time, all the animals in the forest gathered together and talked about the Lion King. The bear said, “We are all gathered here, to think how we can drive this lion out of the forest?”. “He gives us a lot of trouble and whenever he gets hungry he catches and eats our relatives and friends”.


The rabbit said, “We have often lost our friends. So we have to drive this lion out of the forest anyway, but how can we do it”.

Rabbit made a plan and told everyone about his plan. Everyone went to meet the lion king as per their plan. The lion was sitting like a king sitting on a throne. All the other animals bowed their heads and paid due respect to the lion.

“Why have you all come here?” asked the lion. And the bear said, “We all have a plan that you can sit here in your place, we will bring you the food you need.” The lion was very happy and accepted the plan. 

The next day, according to their plan, the rabbit became food for the lion.  The rabbit went too late. The lion was very harsh with the rabbit, “Why are you too late, and how can I satisfy my hunger by eating only you?”. The lion asked very angrily.

The rabbit said, “Forgive me, king lion, I and my family were all ten rabbits who were coming as a meal to you, but on the way, another big lion killed and ate all my family members. Only I somehow escaped and came here to feed you.”


Hearing this, the lion became very angry and asked, “What… how can another lion, stronger than me be here, where is he?”. The rabbit said, “I will show him to you,” and he went to a well with the lion king.

“The rabbit said that the other lion is inside the well”. Hearing that, the king lion looked into the well and seeing his image there, the lion was deluded and jumped into the well saying that he was going to attack another lion in the well. The king lion could not come out of the well and drowned inside.

The rabbit started squealing very loudly in happiness. All the other animals ran away and were overjoyed to see king lion drowning in the water.


Knowledge is stronger than physical strength.

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