The little goat and wolf | Werewolf short stories

The little goat and wolf | Werewolf short stories

In a big farm lived a herd of goats. Hounds protect them as they move to pasture. There was a pack of wolves in the nearby forest.  Wolves roam around targeting the goats grazing the grass. Some goats that break away from the herd are killed and eaten by these wolves. These dogs will work hard as much as they can to safely protect the goats from the wolves.

One day a baby goat got separated from the herd while the other goats were grazing on grass. The kid was happy to be alone. A wolf saw the kid as it approached the forest alone. The wolf approached the kid. The kid was very scared when he saw the wolf. The kid’s mother had warned him many times about this wolf.

Werewolf short stories
Werewolf short stories

The wolf approached the kid and said, “My child! You have come too far from your home! This isn’t a wise move.”

“Yes, I shouldn’t have been so playful,” said the kid, with a trembling voice; “I shouldn’t have left the flock like this!” said the kid.  “You’re right; you’ll be punished for that now. I’m very hungry. So, I’m going to eat you now,” sneered the wolf.

The baby goat was very afraid; It was smart though. It understood that it must now protect itself from the wolf. It said to the wolf, “I understand that I have made a great mistake, but you must do something for me before you eat me.”

The wolf lost his patience, “What is that?” he asked.

Werewolf short stories
Were wolf short stories

” I knew that you would sing very well; and I have heard you playing the flute sweetly. So I wish to listen to your song and music quietly!”  said the kid to the wolf.

The wolf liked this compliment very much. “I’m going to eat you anyway. So I hope no harm comes from fulfilling your last wish,” replied the wolf haughtily to the lamb. Then the wolf began to sing loudly; also played the flute.

As the hounds circled the herd, hearing the wolf’s song and the flute.

They had a great look around the herd. A little goat was not seen in the herd. Immediately the dogs understood that there was something wrong going to happen to the kid. They ran fast towards the direction of the song, towards the edge of the forest. The wolf  then finished his song. At that moment the dogs came rushing towards it, biting the wolf as fast as they came.  The wolf ran away with injuries.

The kid was very happy as his plan was fulfilled. But from then on the little goat was very cautious; it then obeyed what the old goats said.

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