Mother Goat and baby Tiger | Tiger Story

Mother Goat and baby Tiger | Tiger Story

In the mountains, there was a tigress that was about to give birth. After giving birth to her child, she covered it with leaves. At the same time, there were two hunters who happened to be passing by, seeing the mother tiger, one of the hunters raised a rifle and shot it. 

The mother tiger was shot and fell. The two hunters took the mother tiger away. Luckily, the tiger cub was in a hidden place and was not caught by the hunters. Then, the tiger cub kept moving until it came out of hiding. 

Then, a farmer passed by. He saw that the tiger cub was still wet. Seeing the pools of blood around there, the farmer guessed that the mother tiger might have been shot by a hunter. Finally he brought the tiger cub home. 

farmer tiger story

He has a female goat who also recently gave birth. He put the tiger cub with the goats so they could suckle from the mother goat. The tiger cub also lived with a herd of goats. They lived side by side in harmony. 

One day the mother goat took her goats and the tiger went to graze. There is a pool nearby where the water is very clear and calm. After grazing the mother goat took them to the edge of the pond to drink water

Arriving at the edge of the pond, the tiger poked his head out to drink water. Then it suddenly roared loudly. The herd of goats were shocked and they ran away. The tiger was also very surprised and it didn’t know why it was roaring so loudly. 

got and tiger story

He remembered that there was a wild animal in the water. Out of curiosity, he returned to the pool to take a look. He saw that the animal was still there. He tried to back away and then forward again but still the animal was there. 

He also put his foot out to touch the pool water. When the water ripples the animal in the water disappeared. He was very surprised. After the water calmed down, he again saw the image of an animal in the water. 

Seeing that his appearance was different from that of a goat, he realized that he is not a goat but a tiger. 

Living in any kind of environment, the most important thing is to awaken the essential nature and cultivate the soul of wisdom.

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