One Dollar | Short Story For Young Adults

One Dollar | Short Story For Young Adults

Once upon a time there lived a sage. On his way home from the city he found a dollar coin laying down. He wanted to give that money to a poor man.

He couldn’t see any poor person on the way he was going. So he kept the dollar safe. Just a few days have passed. One day the sage came out to make breakfast. When he came out, a king was greedily going to another country to fight with his soldiers.

When the king saw the sage, he told him that he was going to fight for another country and asked him to bless them to win. The Sage thought for a while and then gave the king one dollar.

Short Story For Young Adults king

Immediately the king became angry and looked at the sage and asked, “Why did you give me a dollar?” He asked. The sage said, “I saw this one dollar on the way home from the city. I thought it would be nice to give it to a poor man, but no matter how much I searched, I still could not find a single poor man”

The king said, “I am very rich. I have a lot of money and land. But why did you call me poor?”. He asked. The sage said, “Even though you have so much money, you are going to conquer another country with this greed.

So there cannot be anyone poorer than you. That is why I gave you this one dollar.” The king realized his mistake and thought of the greedy mind and apologized to the sage with great difficulty.

He ordered his soldiers to stop the war. That one dollar changed the character of the king.

So we should never be greedy.

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