Onion story

Onion story

We all know why we cry, when we cut onions!. Here is a fun story behind it. You can know the reason why we cry while cutting onions, in this onion story.

Three friends lived in a beautiful city long ago. The first of them is tomato, the second is ice cream, the third is onion.

It was winter in the city and the three friends were very happy playing together. Wherever they go, they will happily go together.

Slowly the seasons begun to change. Finally summer came. One day three of them went to a park and started to play.

Ice-cream didn’t know that in the summer season if it came out it would be melted. They all started to play. 

After a while the ice cream felt that its body begun to melt. Looking at the situation of their friend, tomato and onion didn’t know what to do. 

Very quickly the ice cream melted and disappeared. The two friends returned home crying. On their way home, a little boy was playing cricket with his friends.

The little boy didn’t noticed the tomato and onion coming his way. He batted the ball towards direction where the tomato was coming from and the ball flew very fast.

onion story

Onion tried to block that ball. But he couldn’t do it. That ball came fast and stuck hard on the tomato’s head.

Thus the tomato fell down and it was crushed. Onion was very sad to think of his two friends, it cried that night. Didn’t  eat anything.

Onion asked God, “God, I have no best friends now. I’m just crying for them right now. I have no one to cry for me.” hearing that, the onion saw a light coming from the sky.

A voice came from that light and said, “Onion, don’t worry, if anything happens to you everyone will cry for you”. Since then whoever cuts the onion cried for that onion.

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