Palace Lizard | motivational story in english

Palace Lizard | motivational story in english

A thousand years ago, work was underway to decorate the palace to mark the inauguration of a new king in China.

The family of a lizard lived in that palace. In it a female lizard was living hiding behind a painting hung in the king’s bedroom.

As soon as the palace cleaners arrived, the lizards ran around not knowing where to go. The soldiers who saw it chased away the lizards and killed them. Only the female lizard survived and clung to the king’s bed, not knowing where to hide.

They began to decorate the entire palace. The man who came to decorate the bed with silk clothes inadvertently beat a nail along with the lizard not knowing that the lizard was hiding under the bed.

palace motivational story in English

The lizard screamed in pain. But he didn’t hear that noise. So the lizard couldn’t move from its position. It tried to escape from there somehow. But It couldn’t move the body at all. The new king took office. He came to the bedroom with his queen and began to stay. The lizard got stuck in the nail. But no one noticed it.

A few months later one night the king saw a lizard hiding under a wall and going under the bed.

He immediately summoned the soldiers and ordered them to chase away the lizard that was hiding under his bed.

The lizard was not found when soldiers immediately searched under the bed. It ran fast and hid behind a shield. But they found a lizard nailed to the bottom of the cot and told that to the king.

lizard motivational story in English

The king who saw it, was looking at it without understanding how this lizard had been alive for so many days as if it were a sin.

Suddenly he had an idea and told the servants to put the cot back on and made a noise as he was leaving the room and they were hiding outside, seeing what’s going to happen.

Then he saw a lizard in the shield coming down and snatching the food he had brought  into his mouth and feeding into the lizard’s mouth which was stuck in a nail.

He could not believe it. Another lizard has fed and saved a lizard that was trapped in a nail and was fighting for its life for many days.

king motivational story in English

I have killed thousands of people in battle and I became king, wondering what love is and what is  concern. This lizard feeds and protects another lizard from dying.

He regretted his mistake by saying that, โ€œI was more disgusting than this lizard, and ordered that no one in the palace should kill lizards anymoreโ€.

Even the lizard does its best to save a life in nature. Convinced that we humans would have the power to plunder the next person, the emperor made a lizard image in gold on the doorstep of his palace in honor of the lizard’s sacrifice.

This is a fact.

So we need to do what we can to help others. Good friendship is about helping and saving in times of trouble.

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