Potter | Victory is yours | motivational story

Potter | Victory is yours | motivational story

There was a potter in a town.  He had two pots. He used these pots to fetch water, he took a stick tied a rope around both sides, hang two pots on the ropes, placed the stick on his shoulder and he used to carry water from a nearby pond to his house.

After a few days, one of the two pots had a small scratch.

There will be water all over the two pots when the water is taken out. When he brings it home, the water in the cracked pot will fall off.  

For a while he did not know why the water in the pot was running low, but then he discovered that there was a small scratch on it. But he did not change the pot and used the same pot to fetch water.

These two pots would talk to each other, after the Potter goes to sleep through the night. The good pot told the scratched pot, that “the potter will bring the same amount of water to the house”, “I used to bring all the water to home, you used to pour half the water and will bring the rest to this house.” He also knows that you have a scratch, but he is keeping you without throwing up, telling that it didn’t know why? 

The scratched pot’s mind began to worry about it, why  the potter is not throwing it away after knowing about the scratch. If it had the power to speak, surely it would have asked to him.

One night the pot began to ask the potter everything that it worried about mentally.  The next morning, as usual, the potter tied the two pots to the wire and began to walk with it on his shoulders.

pot man motivational story
pot man

He walked twenty feet from his house and then lowered both pots down. The Potter asked the scratched pot to look back. Then it looked back and saw that there was a path from the 20 feet to his house, and there were flowers on both sides of the path. 

The side where the Potter carries the scratched pot was full of beautiful flowers blossomed, but the other side  was of little flowers bloomed. The scratched pot said that this much of days he travelled through this place but  still didn’t watch these beautiful blossomed flowers. 

That’s when the potter answers, “I knew a few days ago that there was a scratch on you.” The next day when I was walking along the path I saw that a lot of plants were growing on this one side only. 

So, I understood that this was because of the scratch on you. So I started taking you one day on right and other day on left side. The fully bloomed flowers are because of you loosing water, before I got noticed the scratch on you. 

We can take many good ideas from this story, we will think many times in our life, why is this struggle only for me, why this struggle only for me? Why am I the only one struggling to get a lot of things that are easily available to everyone? 

He would not have known that plants would grow in this place if there was only a scratch  in this pot.  In the same way, if we say that there are struggles in our life, then we will not know that our life is going to the next stage. 

Both our strengths and weaknesses, this little struggle to know will pave the way. Likewise the Potter shifted the scratched pot on both sides to grow plants, if problems come we should find opportunity to overcome the problems. 

Success in every way is yours.

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