Self Confidence Of The Frog story for kids

 Self Confidence Of The Frog story for kids 

Two frogs lived near a beautiful pond. They grew up together as good friends One day it was raining while they were playing in the field. Then the big frog said, “Dude, it’s raining so we’ll find a place to hide somewhere.”

The next frog agreed to it. They both entered a house next to the field to escape from the rain. They both entered the kitchen of that house. The new place was so chaotic that both frogs were jumping here and there.


Suddenly the two frogs fell into a large bowl containing a lot of milk. No matter how hard they tried, they could not get out of that bowl. A frog that failed in its attempt lost hope that it could come out anymore.

Eventually the frog drowned in the milk and died. The other frog continued to swim in the milk without losing confidence. The butter came out of the milk as it was jumping out of the milk. The amazed frog continued to try again.

So the hard butter came to the top. The frog jumped out of the pot and searched for a safe place.


Self confidence helps to success. 

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