Sage’s Advice To The Snake | Short Story With Moral

Sage’s Advice To The Snake | Short Story With Moral

One day the market was overcrowded by people. In that market, a trader was selling snake gourd. Suddenly a snake came out of the vegetables and all the people in the market started running away in fear. The snake was very proud to see it.

“Ha ha ha, I’m just happy to see this, everyone are scared and running away,” thought the snake.

The snake was frightening the villagers every day. One day a sage was coming that way. Then this snake came forward to scare the sage. But he was not afraid and was very brave. “Aren’t you afraid?” The snake asked the sage. “Fear, I’m just laughing when I see you,” said the sage.

“Why are you wasting your time by scaring people, what do you think? all these people respect you .. No, everyone is afraid to look at you. Change your character then all people will like you. ”said the sage.

The snake was very upset when he heard what the sage said and tried very hard to change himself. A few days later the sage came in the same way. The scene he saw there was very shocking. The body of the snake was very battered. Seeing this, the sage asked, “What happened to you?”

The snake said, “Sage, as you said, I have stopped frightening people, but I can not bear the pain of being trampled on by people everywhere, and do not know what to do.” The sage said, “I told you not to frighten or kill others, but I didn’t tell you not to safeguard yourself from problems, your power will protect you from trouble.”

God has given you that character just for your protection. Use it when you need to, but never misuse it. When the snake understood the meaning of what Sage had said, he thanked him and returned to it’s place.

 Justice: Being strong and powerful is only for self-defense.

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