Snake And Crows Story | motivation story

Snake And Crows Story | Motivation Story

Once upon a time there were two crows living in a palm tree.  A large snake came looking for a place to stay and entered the pit under the tree. The arrival of a snake near their location made the crows fearful.

Other friends warned the crows that the snake would eat the crow chicks so be careful. “How can I lay egg here if this snake eats the chicks?” Cried the female crow, “so we can go to a safe place.”  The male crow said, “No, we do not want to leave our house and we shall look for a way to chase this snake.”

 A few days later the female crow laid  eggs, from which three chicks came out.  Hearing the chirping of the crow chicks, the snake came out of the tree trunk and was very amused.

One day, seeing the time when there were no crows, the greedy snake climbed up the tree and ate the three chicks. When the crows came back they were very shocked to see the empty nest.

motivation story

The mother crow cried out in pain.  Then the male crow said, “Do not be sorry, I will teach him a lesson.”  The male crow went to get the idea of ​​a  fox. The fox heard the story of the male crow and told him a trick.

“Go to the river bank and when the queen of this country comes to bathe, take her diamond necklace and put it in the snake’s hole,” said the fox. According to the fox’s words , the male crow went to the river bank and took the diamond necklace and flew away. The servants saw the crow taking the queen’s diamond necklace and they were chasing the crow.

The male crow threw the diamond necklace into the snake’s hole. The servants who saw it left a stick in the hole and tried to pick it up that evening.

The confused snake came out of the hole with a rage. Seeing the soldiers with weapons in their hands, the snake moved away in fear, saying, “I will not come this side again.”

The crows were overjoyed to see their enemy being chased away.


Clever, intellect and cunning planning will help in times of danger.

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