Sound of The Bell And Fear of The People | Learning Story

Sound of The Bell And Fear of The People | Learning Story

There was a forest on the border of a village. A silver bell was tied to the door of a temple in the village. One day a thief stole the bell and ran away into the forest. But unfortunately he was killed and eaten by a tiger that day.

The villagers were very saddened by the disappearance of the silver bell belonging to the temple. That night the village people heard that bell ringing. They heard the bell sound ringing from many sides. Hearing this, the people got scared. The people were scared thinking that the deity in the temple may got angry because the villagers did not take any effort to get the temple bell back.

The next day some of the villagers went into the forest in search of the bell. But they could not find where the bell was; they returned to town.

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That night too they heard the bell sound. It seemed to them as if they were hearing bells, once from one direction and the next from another. Indeed, those people were greatly shaken in fear.

The next day, a boy from the village sets out into the forest to find out what is really going on. He went into the forest alone. After a while the boy heard the sound of the bell ringing. He boldly went towards the direction of the sound. There he saw a group of monkeys playing with that bell.

It is the monkey that rings the bell and makes the sound; the boy also realised that as the monkeys jumped from tree to tree, he could hear the bell sound from different directions. He was patiently waiting there. A monkey who was playing with the bell came out of the group and sat on a tree.

Waiting for this, the boy threw some fruits and nuts in front of the monkey.

After some time the monkey saw the fruits and nuts. The monkey came down from the tree to pick them up. But there were many fruits and nuts, and the monkey placed the bell on the tree itself; it came down and began to pick them.

The boy, who was waiting for this time, rushed and took the bell. He ran to the village. He explained to the villagers in detail what actually happened in the forest. Everyone appreciated the boy who understood the situation and acted.

Moral Of Learning Story:

Light the lamp of reason and drive away the darkness of superstition.

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