Sparrow and Crow | Justice Story

Sparrow and Crow | Justice Story

A sparrow lived in a forest. It does not get attached easily with anyone, it always lives quietly and does its own work. It doesn’t know how to think and make decisions of its own.  One day a crow asked the sparrow, “Sparrow, will you be my friend?”. The sparrow said yes and started interacting with the crow.

Then the other birds said to the sparrow, “Sparrow, don’t get friendship with the crow, for sure one day that crow will bring you some trouble.”  But the sparrow ignored their talk and became friendly with the crow.  Days passed and one day the crow asked the sparrow, “Friend, we are going out, are you coming with us?”. The sparrow also went with the crows saying, “Sure I am coming.”

Justice Story

The crows entered a nearby corn field and started eating all the corn varieties there. But this sparrow was quietly sitting on a tree.  Watching these crows eating the corn. Then suddenly the owner of the farm came running, with a stick in his hand and chased away these crows.

These crows also flew away in fear. The crows flew away leaving the sparrow there alone. But the sparrow sat on the tree and did not know what to do. Then the farmer came towards the sparrow with the stick he had. The sparrow said to the farmer, “Sir…I have done nothing wrong, I have sat idle in this tree and I have not eaten any of the corn in your farm.”

But the farmer did not listen to the sparrow and took the stick and beat the sparrow. The sparrow also fell down. It was then that the sparrow realised and regretted that it was my fault for not listening to the other birds.

Moral : We should listen to the advice given by others for our good.

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