Speaking Cave | Fox Story

Speaking Cave | Fox Story

A long time ago, the king of beasts, the lion, lived in a forest. The other animals there lived in fear of the lion.  One day a lion while wandering in the forest in search of prey came across a cave.


When it went inside, there was no one there. “Surely someone lives here, and if I stay here until they come, there will be a great feast today,” said the lion, sitting there like a king.

In the evening, the fox who lived in the cave came back and was shocked to see the lion’s footprints outside. “If I go in now, I’ll be putting myself in danger,” thought the fox. 

“But how could I find out if there is a lion inside the cave?” the wise fox had a plan in mind. “Oh.. the cave!” shouted the fox in a loud voice. Hearing this, the lion was happy but remained silent. Again the fox asked loudly, “Oh cave why are you silent today?”.


The fox talking to the cave was amazing to the lion, but the lion remained silent. Again the fox said, “O cave, what has happened to you?  Every day you greet me as soon as I come back, why are you silent today?  Are you angry with me?. Then I’m going back.”

“Oh my God.. If I do nothing now, that fox who is supposed to be my food will surely escape. Maybe this cave is not talking because it is afraid of me,” thought the lion. The lion then immediately greeted the fox with its roaring voice.

Hearing that, the fox got scared and ran away. By his intelligence the fox saved his life.

 Justice : Think and act.

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