Cat’s Treasure Hunt | story in english

story in english

Cat’s Treasure Hunt 

Once upon a time there was a cat living in a bungalow. It has been enslaving thousands of rats. The cat used those rats to steal money and gold coins from the people in the village.

The rats were all furious over the cat.  So the rats all planned together to teach this cat a lesson. Then a rat named Buji came up with a map saying that he had a plan.

Buji told the other rats his plan. All of the other rats agreed to the plan.  They went to the cat and said, “We have a map, cat king. If we follow that map we can find great treasure.”

The cat took the map from the rats and said, “I will go myself and find this treasure. I do not need your help.”

The cat followed the map and went in search of treasure. The cat was so tired of walking. It sat in a place to rest, these rats unknowingly followed the cat.

The cat started its journey again after a while. The cat reached the spot according to the map and started digging a hole there. No matter how deep the treasure was to be found, the cat kept digging. It then dug too deep and that the cat could not get out and got stuck inside.

The cat was screaming for help.  Then all the rats peeked out from the top of the pit. The cat asked the rats for help. But the rats refused to help.  Immediately the cat became angry and said, “I will not leave any of you if I come up now.”  And those rats said that, this is the treasure that the angel gave you and you can never get out of it. ”

The rats all came together and filled the pit where the cat was with the soil. Then they went back to the village and returned all the coins and jewels they had stolen and handed them over to the villagers. The villagers very happily  praised the rats.

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