The arrogance of the horse | A Horse Story

The arrogance of the horse | A Horse Story

 Once upon a time there was a King’s minister. He had a horse and a donkey. He used the horse to fight during war and the donkey to lift objects.

The minister paid a lot of attention and care to the horse. But he didn’t pay that much attention to that donkey. He gave the horse green grass and grain. But he only gave the donkey only a little to eat. If the horse is not well for some time, the minister will call for the doctor at the next town and care for the horse. And if the donkey is sick, he will not even notice for a second.

Since the minister gave so much attention to the horse, the horse was very proud of itself and the donkey was very low. One day the donkey got very tired and went to take rest at the place it was always tied up. The horse said, “Your life is all about packing and working, and you’ll always be like this.” The donkey didn’t care what the horse said, but the horse kept criticising the donkey.

But the donkey kept silent. The next day, As soon as the donkey came to the place to take rest as usual, the horse began to gallop again. “Today, I went to the King’s playground along with the minister”. The horse asked what did you do today? .The donkey said, “Today I went to the forest and picked up a lot of woods.”

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The horse said to the donkey, “Ha ha ha, I’m much better than you to see the difference between you and me.” Donkey thought in its mind  “There is no point of being quiet anymore, day by day this horse is using very harsh words and I will teach this horse the right lesson when the time comes”. 

The donkey was very quiet listening to what the horse said. After a while, all the neighboring countries become friends. Then there was no reason for fighting or war. So the commander did not maintain the horse as before. The commander used the horse to bring things and other goods like donkey. The horse has never lifted objects like this before, so it walked very slowly and started to drop things. The commander was furious at the horse’s behavior and shouted, “Can’t you just lift these little bundles properly?”

The commander scolded the horse a lot after coming home. When the horse was going to take a rest, the donkey asked, “Do you know how difficult it is when you do the work I do?”. Then the horse apologized to the donkey and said, ” You are working so hard, sry for using harsh words on you”. The horse realized it’s mistake.

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