The Boy and The Tiger | Story on Lie

The Boy and The Tiger | Story on Lie

A farmer lived in a village. He had many shees which he would take to other places for grazing and after dusk he would bring them back home.

One day the farmer’s son said, “Father, I am coming with you to take the sheep to pasure.” But the father said, “No, you will be bored there, so stay at home”. But the son was adamant to go with his father.

So he also took his son and went to pasture with the sheeps. The boy liked the place where the sheeps were grazing. There he was playing. After a while he started getting bored.

Not knowing what to do, he suddenly shouted “Save me…….. tiger!….tiger!”. Hearing his voice, the farmer and some others came running, but when they got there, the tiger was nowhere to be found. The boy kept smiling at them.

Again the farmers went back to their work. But after a while the boy again started shouting, save….. tiger!… tiger!.  Again the farmers came running. But there was no tiger there, so the boy’s father said to him, “Again if you lie like this you will surely be punished, so play quietly without making any noise” and the farmers went back to their work.

Story on Lie
Story on Lie

The boy was also playing quietly because he was afraid of what his father had said and didn’t make any more noise. Then suddenly a tiger came there. Seeing the tiger, the boy was trembling in fear. He shouted, “Father tiger, save me.”

But the farmers continued to look at their work, ignoring his shouts, that this boy is playing with us again, let’s look at our work. Not knowing what to do, this boy climbed a nearby tree. The tiger caught and ate the lamb that was grazing there. Seeing that, he sat still in fear.

After dusk, when the farmer came to take his sheep and go home, the boy was missing and the farmer searched for him. He called out from the top of the tree, “Father, I am here.”  The farmer asked him, “What are you doing on the tree?”.  He said, Why didn’t you  come even though I was shouting so loudly for help?. Indeed a tiger came.  He said, “Look there, a lamb was bitten by that tiger  and it ate and left the rest.”

Only when the father saw it did he realise that a tiger had actually come there. Then the farmer said, “Twice you lied that the tiger had come and screamed, so the third time really the tiger came and you screamed, but none of us came because we thought again you are lying“. He said, “Don’t lie like this anymore, if you repeat it, no one will listen to you when you tell the truth.” The son also realised his mistake.

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