The danger to Lion King Story

 The danger to Lion King Sory

In a distant forest there was a lion who had lost his strength due to old age.That lion was the king of the forest, and because it lacks strenth, it summons all the animals and commands them to perform many tasks.

The raven is responsible for looking after the lion’s body. The task of carrying food for the lion was also given to the donkey. Carrying food to the lion was a very difficult task. ‘The lion calls me a load carrying animal, is that what I was made for?’.

The donkey regretted saying that to itself. Rat was the lion king’s court vicar. It is his job to keep the lion happy. Rat shows off its skinny legs. stroking his moustache. Keep the eyes as alternate eyes. His pointed ears are buzzing.

The fox was the advisor to the lion. The fox was the guide of the lion in all matters related to the forest. The fox always praises the lion. But he gets what he wants from the lion. But other animals were suffering under the lion’s deadly rule.

Lion King Story

One day all the wild animals met secretly. But the cunning fox went to the lion and told that the animals had met and what they discussed.

Immediately the lion called all the beasts, “I have heard that you have met secretly to plan my dethronement. Who are the conspirators?” asked angrily.

All the animals trembled in fear. They felt that some traitor had betrayed them. They stood up trembling in anticipation of the great punishment. “Kill all the beasts,” roared the lion. All the animals were quiet.

Suddenly a screeching voice was heard. It was the voice of the rat. “It’s not the correct Judgement,” he shouted. “Yes,” hummed the other.

“Justice must be served,” shouted the frog.

“Yes, that’s right,” bellowed the elephants.  All the beasts joined together in shouting, “Lion must be killed.”

The lion was very surprised. It didn’t know what to do. Hastily consulted the fox. The fox could not come up with a solution. The lion became angry with the fox. Realising that he was in danger, the fox ran away.

Meanwhile all the animals moved towards the lion and surrounded him. The lion got scared.  The lion could not attack those beasts due to lack of strength.

The wild boar stabbed the lion. All the beasts joined together and attacked the lion; they killed the deadly lion.

Since then those animals were not afraid of anyone. They all came together and lived peacefully.

 Moral : Cruelty brings degradation!

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